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The Transylvania Hellhounds Announce Casting For Music Video |

[quoted from Brad Twigg's Facebook page] "The Transylvania Hellhounds are making a music video for their new song "Killer Campout Too" which will be featured in my upcoming film Killer Campout Part II.  They are looking for people to record themselves acting out a scene from their favorite 80s slasher movie. Videos should be around 10 seconds long, 1080p, 24fps and filmed landscape style. The more creative the better.  The music video will be included as a special feature on the Killer Campout Part II Blu-ray and DVD. If you're interested in being part of the video message myself  (Brad Twigg) or The Transylvania Hellhounds for more info. The cutoff for entries is Saturday, December 16th."

"The Gate" (1987) |

  by Bone Jawnson     In my ever-growing journey through the world of horror, I stumbled across the 1987 movie, "The Gate," while conducting my weekly search on the Tubi TV app. I am partial to movies made in the 1980s, so I decided that "The Gate" fits the bill of genre and year of production. The logline, or short summary, of the movie, roped me in, and I began it immediately!  To me, the premise of the movie was very 80s. A hole develops in the ground in a suburban backyard, and teenage kids start messing with the rocks they find in it releasing some otherworld demons, and then chaos ensues. While reading the credits, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was Stephen Dorff’s first starting role.  In my opinion, there is something to be said about these 80s and 90s movies with child ensembles that have to find their way out of danger. I love the fact that the storylines do not feature the use of instant technology and that the main characters solve chaotic,

"The Legend of Crick Foot" Sheds Light on Hatfield's Enigmatic Cryptid in Gripping Documentary |

  [Pictured above] Dr. Jord Dehoff, famed cryptid researcher who specializes in Crick Foot HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA – [January 22, 2024] – Zombie Fuel Media and Small Town Horrors Productions are delighted to announce the upcoming release of its groundbreaking documentary, "The Legend of Crick Foot," directed by Hatfield's very own Bone Jawnson. This highly anticipated film delves into the mysterious local legend surrounding a cryptid with a peculiar affinity for hot dogs, known as Crick Foot. Set against the charming backdrop of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, this feature-length documentary takes audiences on an immersive journey through personal accounts, first-hand search footage, and centuries-old lore that surrounds the elusive Crick Foot. Director Bone Jawnson, a lifelong Hatfield resident, unveils the town's well-kept secrets in his directorial debut, promising an authentic and captivating exploration of the local urban legend. "I am thrilled to finally bring this

"Graveyard Stories 3" (2023) |

  by Bone Jawnson Recently, I was scrolling through oblivion on Facebook when a post about the Moonlight Films production, "Graveyard Stories 3," popped up. I quickly noticed that indie horror movie icon, Mel Helfin , graced the promo photo. It was cooler that I found the post in time to watch the premier. As I continue to dive deeper into the world of indie horror, suspense, and horror comedy, I continue to find the coolest actors, directors, and writers. There is so much content to discover that one should never become bored.  "Graveyard Stories 3" is a horror anthology-style film with Mel acting as the horror host "Belladonna." It begins with a woman receiving a mysterious video cassette tape in the mail, putting it in the VHS player, hitting the play button, and casting the viewer into a world of killer mayhem. I had a lot of fun watching this style of indie film and am always looking for something different or new to watch. This totally fits the bill.