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The Transylvania Hellhounds Announce Casting For Music Video |

[quoted from Brad Twigg's Facebook page] "The Transylvania Hellhounds are making a music video for their new song "Killer Campout Too" which will be featured in my upcoming film Killer Campout Part II.  They are looking for people to record themselves acting out a scene from their favorite 80s slasher movie. Videos should be around 10 seconds long, 1080p, 24fps and filmed landscape style. The more creative the better.  The music video will be included as a special feature on the Killer Campout Part II Blu-ray and DVD. If you're interested in being part of the video message myself  (Brad Twigg) or The Transylvania Hellhounds for more info. The cutoff for entries is Saturday, December 16th."

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