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Delco Horror Haven Presents 21st Century Indie Horror Media: Writers, Publishers & Filmmakers |

 Information provided by Delco Horror Haven : Since the early 2000’s the advancement of technology in the entertainment industry has made it easier and cheaper for independent writers, publishers, and filmmakers to realize their dreams, manufacture their artistic goals, and successfully share that final product with their specific audience no matter where they might be located. Recent computer technology, digital software, equipment, and social media are allowing more and more people to generate artistic pieces that look professional enough to be marketed and distributed to the general public on a large scale. Agents, publishers, editors, professional film crews, marketing agencies, brick and mortar printing houses, and international distribution centers are no longer necessary components for succeeding in the entertainment industry. This can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse. We will look into that dynamic during this discussion. Just because it has been printed between two sh

[RECAP] New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival April 2024 |

  by Bone Jawnson A few weeks ago, I attended the New Jersey Horror Con & Film Festival in Edison, New Jersey. It's been a bit since I have attended one, so I was overly psyched to go! This time was special because I was able to bring my daughter. Having just hit the tween stage in her own life, she started to exand her interest in films, music, and fashion, particularly flashy earrings. The drive to the venue was about one hours and twenty minutes, which was completely fine because it was mostly highway driving. The venue, the New Jersey Convetion and Exposition Center, has plenty of free parking, and the check-in process was super-swift. One of the organizers, Ryan Weber, was at the front greeting attendees and press. I was able to chat with Ryan a little bit, which was great! After entering the event, we walked past vendors that lined the entrance area and my daughter snagged some cute cat-in-a-skull bowl earrings from a vendor she liked immediately. We then strolled toward

Camp Nightmare Launches Hilarious B-Movie Watch-A-Long Featuring "The Legend of Crick Foot" on Patreon

The Camp Nightmare podcast is excited to announce a special B-Movie watch-a-long Patreon perk featuring the to-be cult classic, "The Legend of Crick Foot." This watch-a-long promises to be a laugh-filled, nostalgic trip, reminiscent of the beloved "Mystery Science Theater 3000" series, complete with humor and witty commentary. Fans can join the fun by becoming a member of Camp Nightmare's Patreon community for as little as $1 per month. This exclusive membership not only grants access to the watch-a-long but also opens the door to a treasure trove of additional content, behind-the-scenes insights, and a vibrant community of horror and sci-fi enthusiasts. Be sure to give Camp Nightmare a follow on their Facebook page . About the Watch-A-Long: "The Legend of Crick Foot" is an up and coming gem in the realm of B-movies. Camp Nightmare's hosts bring their unique blend of humor and sharp observations to this watch-a-long, providing a fresh and entertai

[SCREENING] Delco Horror Haven hosts screening of "Porch Pirate" on June 15 |

  Information from the Delco Horror Haven Facebook page : Join us for our screening of Baby Goblin Productions "Porch Pirate" on June 15th at 6:30 pm at Widener University!  Tickets available   Porch Pirate synopsis: Bobby Landis is a petty thief out on parole, who has the chance to get his life together. Instead, he falls back into old habits of stealing packages off people's porches. Only too late will he realize one of the packages is part of a sick trap. Click here to learn more about Delco Horror Haven !