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[NEW PROJECT] Suckula "The Movie" - A new taste in terror is coming in 2024 |

  Coming in 2024, with Director James B. Thomasson and Assistant Director Mel Heflin at the helm, is Suckula "The Movie." by Bone Jawnson | Zombie Fuel James B. Thomasson and Mel Heflin are no strangers to the indie horror scene. With numerous credits between the two, Suckula "The Movie," is sure to be a must-see indie movie for 2024. As of December 2023, the cast is already stacked with Jessa Flux playing the titular character, Morrigan Milam as "Raven" and Heather Harlow as "Scarlett." According to the movie Facebook Group : "Suckcula" is a wildly irreverent indie film that blends humor with a generous dose of gore and sensuality. Brace yourself for a tongue-in-cheek adventure featuring blood, boobs, and charismatic women in this audacious cinematic experience."  Enjoy the teaser trailer below:  

[NEW PROJECT] Daedalus Melon in Rebel Bikers vs Vampires from Venus |

  Canadian filmmakers Warren Dean Fulton and Roderick Dryden Morrison are working on a new, indie feature-length film called REBEL BIKERS vs. VAMPIRES FROM VENUS. Details and links below: "We'd like to share with you our feature film production.  DAEDALUS MELON in REBEL BIKERS Vs. Vampires from Venus. We have the necessary skills and experience in filmmaking to bring this campy horror comedy to life. We will be using cinematic quality  4K cameras as well as filming in a variety of other formats and using other cameras. The film will have rebel bikers, vampires from Venus, Nazi werewolves, zombie strippers, inter-dimensional creepy clowns, horny orgying aliens, middle-aged genetically modified ju-jitsu gorillas, ghouls gone wild, to name but a few of the parties involved in this adventure.Here's a little about this project. The idea to make a feature horror comedy came to us while we were making a 48 hr horror comedy film c

Zombie Fuel Year in Review 2023 |

  by Bone Jawnson As 2023 comes to a close, I've taken some time to break down how far Zombie Fuel has come since launching this past March. Initially, the blog portion of Zombie Fuel started as a constructive hobby where I could plan out, watch, and review various horror movies. I have always been fascinated with practical special FX and the horror genre has always been full of different, intricately planned violence. I started the Zombie Fuel journey by watching "Basket Case" purely by chance I pulled up the Tubi TV app, went to the horror section, and saw it advertised immediately, for whatever reason. So, that Saturday, I sat down for a gawds-honest horror movie viewing. After I viewed it, I hopped on IMDB to see what information I could find about the budget, filming locations, director, etc. What I discovered was an indie movie world that I fell in love with. The extremely low-budget, hustling that the director Frank Henenlotter had to do, and the passion that went