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"Graveyard Stories 3" (2023) |


by Bone Jawnson

Recently, I was scrolling through oblivion on Facebook when a post about the Moonlight Films production, "Graveyard Stories 3," popped up. I quickly noticed that indie horror movie icon, Mel Helfin, graced the promo photo. It was cooler that I found the post in time to watch the premier. As I continue to dive deeper into the world of indie horror, suspense, and horror comedy, I continue to find the coolest actors, directors, and writers. There is so much content to discover that one should never become bored. 

"Graveyard Stories 3" is a horror anthology-style film with Mel acting as the horror host "Belladonna." It begins with a woman receiving a mysterious video cassette tape in the mail, putting it in the VHS player, hitting the play button, and casting the viewer into a world of killer mayhem. I had a lot of fun watching this style of indie film and am always looking for something different or new to watch. This totally fits the bill. Upon release, I broke it into three separate views due to some time constraints in my schedule, which was actually kind of cool because I had a viewing to look forward to for three nights in a row! 

My favorite part of this project is how the first story, "VHS" is intertwined with the three other stories, "Slay Bells" which has a holiday theme, "Frank" which has a jealous murderer theme, and "Eye of the Serpent" which has an infected reptile meets human theme. I won't give away the reason how they intertwine with "VHS," you'll have to see that for yourself. I'll say that "Eye of the Serpent" was my favorite of the three main stories. I really appreciated the camera frame rate used to make the film. It complimented the cinematography very well and made the film, as a whole, stand out to me. 

If you're looking for a medley of short horror and suspense films to view while enjoying some overly buttered popcorn on your couch, "Graveyard Stories 3" is the indie film for you. 

I will be viewing more Moonlight Films projects and will jot down my thoughts in the future. As for the characters in "Graveyard Stories 3," I would love to start seeing people cosplay them at future horror cons. Mel Heflin's character, "Belladonna" has the potential to become a signature look.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, and watch the Moonlight Films feature-length, horror anthology "Graveyard Stories 3" below!

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