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"The Legend of Crick Foot" Sheds Light on Hatfield's Enigmatic Cryptid in Gripping Documentary |


[Pictured above] Dr. Jord Dehoff, famed cryptid researcher who specializes in Crick Foot

HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA – [January 22, 2024] – Zombie Fuel Media and Small Town Horrors Productions are delighted to announce the upcoming release of its groundbreaking documentary, "The Legend of Crick Foot," directed by Hatfield's very own Bone Jawnson. This highly anticipated film delves into the mysterious local legend surrounding a cryptid with a peculiar affinity for hot dogs, known as Crick Foot.

Set against the charming backdrop of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, this feature-length documentary takes audiences on an immersive journey through personal accounts, first-hand search footage, and centuries-old lore that surrounds the elusive Crick Foot. Director Bone Jawnson, a lifelong Hatfield resident, unveils the town's well-kept secrets in his directorial debut, promising an authentic and captivating exploration of the local urban legend.

"I am thrilled to finally bring this urban legend to the screen for the first time," says Bone Jawnson (pictured left), whose personal connection to Hatfield adds a layer of authenticity to the project. "This documentary is not just about uncovering the truth behind Crick Foot; it's a celebration of our community's rich folklore and the people who have kept these stories alive for generations."

"The Legend of Crick Foot" is produced by Matt Burns of Small Town Horrors Productions, a company with a deep commitment to showcasing the unique tales that lurk in the heart of this small community. Burns expresses pride in bringing Crick Foot to the screen for the first time, stating, "This documentary is a labor of love for everyone involved. It's an opportunity to share a piece of local history with the world and preserve the legacy of this peculiar cryptid."

The documentary is set to premiere on February 24, 2024, and will be paired as a double-feature with the Absurd Productions Pictures dark comedy, “One of One,” at the Waynesboro Theater, a non-profit community theater located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Tickets are on sale now. (Click here to purchase) A portion of the proceeds from the premiere will be donated to the long-standing, Lansdale-based community resource, Manna on Main Street. This premiere event will not only mark the unveiling of "The Legend of Crick Foot" but also celebrate the collaboration between filmmakers, local legends, and the community that inspired it all. A full, theatrical trailer is available on Bone Jawson’s YouTube channel

For media inquiries, interview requests, and screening opportunities, please contact:

Zombie Fuel Media

Bone Jawnson - Zombie Fuel Media Owner

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