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[UPCOMING PROJECT] Only Fangs Cast and Crowdfunding Campaign Announced! - Going Live On March 15th |

  “Work sucks! Be a vampire” Hot off the release of their indie horror hit, Murdercise, A & P Productions have begun preproduction on their new movie, Only Fangs! They have not only announced their Indiegogo campaign, which launches on March 15th, but also the main cast.  The film stars Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre) as the lovable monster hunter, Wes, who discovers a band of traveling vampires have moved into his town. Wes falls for manic pixie dream vampire, Reese(Kansas Bowing), while her sisters devour the local townspeople. Led by the ruthless Scarlett (Nina Lanee Kent), the band of vamps turn their attention to Wes and his conspiracy theorist friends. Fearing for his life, Wes helps the vamps develop an app to turn their victims into customers. The film will also feature horror scream queen Jessa Flux (XXX-Mas), Adriana Uchishiba (Murdercise), Meredith Mohler (When the Trashman Knocks), and indie horror star, Ellie Church (Space Babes from Outer Space), making her return

Kings of Horror's "Horror Face Off" Returns for Season 4 With A Valentines Day Showdown |

  TUNE IN ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9TH AT 8 PM Information is directly from the Kings of Horror YouTube Channel Kings of Horror presents: Horror Face Off - My Bloody Valentine (1981) Vs. Valentine (2001) Comment with who you think will win! Horror Face Off is a show that takes two horror films, often with a common thread, and forces them to do battle, to the death. Using a panel of passionate horror fans, writers, performers, and more, they use strategic categories to break down the two films. Each guest has 40 seconds to make their case or they run the risk of being killed themselves! ---- Horror Face Off Social Media Instagram - Instagram - X - t Join this channel (or Patreon below) to get access to perks: Subscribe to our Patreon: Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram:

Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror: A Thrilling Cinematic Experience Seeks Crowdfunding Support on Indiegogo!

[San Angelo, 02/07/2024] – Prepare to be thrilled to the bone as Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror, an upcoming spine-tingling cinematic masterpiece, takes horror and jerks a knot in it's ass. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring this thrilling vision to life. Combining the art of Humor, Horror, and Pop Culture, this horror film promises to be a landmark in the genre. Hellvira, a seductive and mischievous succubus, manages to escape from Hell and arrives on Earth with a burning desire to fulfill her dream as a late-night horror hostess. She stumbles upon an abandoned asylum and decides to transform it into her studio set, where she can unleash her wicked charm and entertain viewers with her macabre antics. Hellvira is joined by a group of colorful characters who quickly become her trusted companions. Mister Nanners, a demonic sock puppet known for his loud and obnoxious nature. Lord Xyclon 7, a cybernetic war machine

[TRAILER] Have you heard about this killer air fryer movie? |

  Air Fryer art created by Livia Rae by Bone Jawnson Somewhere on the border of Ohio and Canada lived a idea that was probably floating around Lake Michigan before it was harnessed and birthed to life through the mind of Canada-based horror fan Matt Skinner. Matt challenged the internet with the following quote on January 16, 2024:  Since this announcement, Matt has teamed up with horror filmmaker and producer Matthew Mark Hunter of MMH Productions  to bring "Air Fryer Slaughter" to the masses!! Or dozens, I guess we will find out. The announcement gave way to a successful Facebook group  as well as an Indiegogo Campaign that keeps growing daily. The all-star cast lineup includes indie horror scene icons Mel Heflin, Morrigan Milam, Jessa Flux, and Heather Harlow. Zombie Fuel will be following all the developments with this deadly project so be sure to bookmark the webpage and follow on social media .  A killer air fryer, really? Yes really. It's really for real and we

[CAST ANNOUNCEMENT] "The Farmhouse Murders" adds "The Dark Knight's" Eric Roberts and "IT" alum Ben Heller to the cast

by Bone Jawnson Independent filmmaker and Delaware County Pennsylvania native, Kevin Duffy, is pulling all the stops with his upcoming feature film, "The Farmhouse Murders." Starring familiar faces such as Larry Hankin (Escape from Alcatraz and Seinfeld) and Marlon Taylor (IT), Kevin's debut feature film will surely be a must-see. Kevin is no stranger to indie film and maintains a steady performer portfolio . He and his team have been steadily raising funds for "The Farmhouse Murders," which is projected to be released in 2025.  As of February 2024, Kevin has since added industry veteran, Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, The Dark Knight, The Expendables), to the cast as the "seemingly charming yet suspicious role of Mayor Fredrick Kane." Kevin has also announced the addition of Eliza Roberts (Animal House, Dr. Who: The Movie) as the mayor's wife Natalie Kane as well as another Stephen King's "IT" alum, Ben Heller, playing the characte