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Is It Dead? Zombie Fuel releases debut short film

  by Bone Jawnson Is It Dead? is the debut short film from Zombie Fuel. This was filmed with no budget and with a team of one person, myself, Bone Jawnson. All scenes were filmed in Hatfield, Pennsylvania with a Motorola smartphone and edited in the free graphic design program, Canva. All sound effects were either filmed live or downloaded from the Canva foley FX files.

Basket Case (1982) - A movie the director thought you'd never see -

Photo Credit by Bone Jawnson On a cold Saturday afternoon in March, I decided to dive into low-budget horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s. As a fan of the do-it-yourself process, I've always been attracted to the passion and drive of low-budget horror movie creators, like the team from TROMA. Having a hectic life, I've been hard-pressed to find the time to sit down, watch and appreciate this type of movie genre, until now. Recently, I stumbled across a photo of the blob-with-teeth-like being, Belial, from the movie "Basket Case." I've heard the name of the movie before, but never viewed it. To start my journey, I performed a Google search which turned up an informative video on the YouTube channel, Dead Meat . What I found through that video completely sold me: low budget, blood, guts, foam latex, an eight-year-old puppeteer, and a dash of comedy. To summarize what I discovered, the director, Frank Henenlotter, sought to make the silliest movie he co