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BREAKING CRICK FOOT NEWS | Wiener Juice Recipe Found In Hatfield

by Bone Jawnson This week, local Hatfield, Pennsylvania historian and acclaimed Crick Foot expert, Lou Farrell, discovered a, what seems to be an authentic, Wiener Juice recipe. Long known to hunters to be an effective method of attacking the local cryptid, an exact recipe was unknown. On September 30, Lou released information regarding the found document, which includes all local ingredients.  "I have transcribed a recipe for wiener juice that I found stuffed behind a wall when we were doing some remodeling. Seems like an authentic Hatfield Crick Foot lure from days long past, 2 Hatfield Original Franks ½ soft pretzel from the Trolly Stop 1 basil leaf from a plant bought  from The Hatfield Plant Lady 1 good shake of crushed red pepper from Vinny’s Pizzarama 1 quart water Chop the wieners into thin coins. Shred the pretzel into small pieces. Put the wieners, pretzel, basil, and red pepper in a small pot filled with water. Boil for 20 minutes. Set the pot on your porch for 10 days

"Video Violence" (1987) |

  "Video Violence" | Written by Gary P. Cohen & Paul Kay, Directed by Gary P. Cohen by Bone Jawnson "Video Violence" caught me off guard, but in a good way. I decided to watch this film because I discovered it was shot on a consumer-grade, home camcorder on VHS tape, and edited it in about eight hours in a borrowed studio. I knew this would be an epic, DIY experience, but I was not ready for the caliber of the story's acting, pacing, and flow. Honestly, I did not know anything about this movie except that it popped up on Tubi while I was browsing titles. I read that it was shot directly on video with a camcorder and knew that I had to watch it.  After doing some research about Gary P. Cohen, I found out that he is based in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and that he filmed "Video Violence" in and around Frenchtown, NJ. In fact, the bridge that is mainly featured in the film still stands and looks approximately the same in 2023. It appears that he had

"Auntie Lee's Meat Pies" (1992) |

  by Bone Jawnson      This viewing was chosen because I was flipping through the Tubi app on my Roku TV, saw the artwork, and said to myself, "This artwork and title look interesting, let's choose this one." I had no prior knowledge of this movie before viewing it, which I usually prefer. Once I started viewing, I was thrilled to see that the late, great Pat Morita himself was part of the cast, as well as Michael Berryman. This was also my introduction to the wonderful, offbeat actress Karen Black. I always love a good Michael Berryman appearance and it was very interesting to see Pat Morita perform a role outside of "The Karate Kid." Discovering Karen Black was a highlight of this viewing for me. I plan to dive deeply into her roles and hopefully plan a special "Black Friday" viewing and review in the future.       The premise of this movie seemed like it would equal a once-and-done watch for me; however, I was pleasantly surprised. Essentially, Kare

"Blood Feast" (1963) -

  Mal Arnold as killer Fuad Ramses by Bone Jawnson Going into "Blood Feast," I was not sure what to expect. I figured that it would be a slow-moving killer film with no substance or redeeming value. I did not do any prior research before my viewing because I wanted to go into an early 1960s horror film cold, so I could embrace it fully for what it was. I was taken back at how crisp and clean the scenes were, as well as their, in my opinion, great composition. As for the budget, this film was shot for about $24,000 which was low for the mid-sixties as the average film budget was about $1.5 million. Although this could be considered a low budget, it brought in around $4 million for investors, which can be considered a win for a first film of this nature.  The plot for "Blood Feast" is rather simple. A crazed caterer, Fuad Ramses, murders young women and includes some body parts in meals in a ritual sacrifice for the Egyptian goddess, Ishtar, in an attempt to bring her