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"The Legend of Crick Foot," a Hatfield, PA based cryptid documentary, will have a Delaware County debut

  HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA – [June 18, 2024] – Zombie Fuel Media and Delco Horror Haven are delighted to announce the Delaware County premiere of the groundbreaking documentary, "The Legend of Crick Foot," directed by Hatfield, Pennsylvania’s very own Bone Jawnson. This highly lauded film delves into the mysterious local legend surrounding a cryptid with a peculiar affinity for hot dogs, known as Crick Foot. Set against the charming backdrop of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, this feature-length documentary takes audiences on an immersive journey through personal accounts, first-hand search footage, and centuries-old lore that surrounds the elusive Crick Foot. Director Bone Jawnson, a lifelong Hatfield resident, unveils the town's well-kept secrets in his directorial debut, promising an authentic and captivating exploration of the local urban legend. "I am thrilled to finally bring this urban legend to Delaware County for the first time," says Bone Jawnson, whose person

"These Things" Brings Classic Horror Comedy to Life with Alien Invasion Thrills |

  Cinephoto, an extension of the acclaimed Key 13 Films, proudly announces the upcoming production of "These Things," a feature-length horror comedy that promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of comedy, action, and horror. This project marks an exciting venture into the world of feature-length horror for the Key 13 Films team, known for their award-winning short films and screenplays. In "These Things," Sandra and her friends gather for a night of partying at a friend's house, only to find themselves facing a terrifying threat: killer aliens that resemble rubber string balls. As the night unfolds, they must fight for survival against these otherworldly assailants, testing their friendships and resourcefulness in a battle for their lives. "These Things" embodies the spirit of classic horror comedies like "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" and "Critters." While drawing inspiration from these beloved 80s films, "These