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"Sharkula" (2022) |

by Bone Jawnson This week, I dove back into the world of Polonia Brothers Entertainment. A decades-long staple in the no-budget horror film scene, Polonia Brothers films usually never disappoint. "Sharkula" was a recommendation I saw when I opened the Tubi application on my TV. The plot was pretty cool and actually drew me in. Dracula inhabits a small town; the locals drive him out and attempt to kill him; a shark gets a hold of him, morphs into an animal-dracula hybrid, and becomes Dracula's master. With this new leadership in place, the dwindling town population must now adhere to Dracula's strict new rules. The main two characters, John and Arthur, somehow score a seasonal summer job within the dismal town of Arkham and venture to their destination to be employed by Dracula, or Vlad Constantine, as he is referred to in the film. Upon arrival, the seasonal employees first meet Dracula's assistant, Renfield, at the front desk of the inn where they will be staying

Carolina Fear Fest Celebrates 5th Year Running With A Stacked Guestlist |

  by Bone Jawnson Celebrating its 5th year running, the Carolina Fear Fest is bringing the horror this Memorial Day weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina at the NC State Fairgrounds. Bringing in horror icons such as Bill Moseley, Amy Steel and, Lochlyn Munro just to name a few, his horror con and film festival is not to be missed! Vendor applications are open and if you're an indie film maker, their film submissions are now open , so don't miss out on sending in your project. The deadline is March 3rd. For more information and advance ticket sales, visit the Carolina Fear Fest website .

[NEW PROJECT] A Haunting Tale Unfolds: Seinfeld alum Larry Hankin to Star in Kevin Duffy's 'The Farmhouse Murders'" |

  by Bone Jawnson Independent filmmaker and Delaware County Pennsylvania native, Kevin Duffy, is pulling all the stops with his upcoming feature film, "The Farmhouse Murders." Starring familiar faces such as Larry Hankin (Escape from Alcatraz and Seinfeld) and Marlon Taylor (IT), Kevin's debut feature film will surely be a must-see. Kevin is no stranger to indie film and maintains a steady performer portfolio . He is currently raising funds for "The Farmhouse Murders" which is projected to be released in 2025. Check out the synopsis and teaser trailer below. Gerald Johnson vanished while looking for answers to his son's disappearance. When two young podcasters covering the story also disappear, a private detective investigates the area and comes across a strange family at a nearby farm.  

[UPCOMING RELEASE] "Sorority Babes" short horror film from Acrostar Films Prepares for Production |

Two villainous entities initiate gorgeous sorority babes, will any pledges survive? Party 'til you drop ... dead!  Sorority Babes will release on VOD by March 31 2024. Production starts mid-January. Steve Hermann of Acrostar Films wrote the script specifically for a group of indie horror “scream queen” actresses, and cast enthusiastically attached to the project, with Angel Nichole Bradford making her solo directorial debut. Sorority Babes stars: Lynn Lowry - Ann Myrna - Angel Nichole Bradford - Jessa Flux - Morrigan Thompson - Kelsey Livengood - Mia Katz - Ashleigh Amberlynn - Samantha Hupp PRODUCER Ann Myrna - DIRECTED BY Angel Nichole Bradford CINEMATOGRAPHY BY Ashley Hefner - MUSIC BY Edward Grant WRITTEN BY Steve Hermann - SFX BY Angel Nichole Bradford Sorority Babes is being filmed in January 2024 in central Illinois. A crowdfunding campaign offers ways for fans to become involved in the movie, visit

[NEW RELEASE] First Ever Found Footage Double Feature SPLIT SCREEN |

Horror Dadz Productions is proud to present the first found-footage double feature, SPLIT SCREEN, from Directors Dillon Brown (Tahoe Joe, Ghost) and Joshua Brucker (Mothman, The Woodmen).  SPLIT SCREEN is p resented as a “screen life” film, a subgenre of Found Footage, where a mysterious hacker, played by Thomas Burke (The Barbados Project), leaks two controversial films previously locked away on the Dark Web. The films presented are GREYS: The Nevada Alien Incident from Dillon Brown and The Illinois Valley Murder Tapes from Joshua Brucker, with each tackling vastly different subject matter and styles within the popular Found Footage realm.  Greys follows a paranoid man (Brown) as he tries to elude not only vicious aliens who invade his home, but also seedy Government agents who seem to want nothing but to stop him for releasing the footage he’s captured, by any means necessary.  In Illinois Valley, Brucker brings us a tale of two podcasters who are sent the murder tapes of a mysteriou