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"Sharkula" (2022) |

by Bone Jawnson

This week, I dove back into the world of Polonia Brothers Entertainment. A decades-long staple in the no-budget horror film scene, Polonia Brothers films usually never disappoint. "Sharkula" was a recommendation I saw when I opened the Tubi application on my TV. The plot was pretty cool and actually drew me in. Dracula inhabits a small town; the locals drive him out and attempt to kill him; a shark gets a hold of him, morphs into an animal-dracula hybrid, and becomes Dracula's master. With this new leadership in place, the dwindling town population must now adhere to Dracula's strict new rules. The main two characters, John and Arthur, somehow score a seasonal summer job within the dismal town of Arkham and venture to their destination to be employed by Dracula, or Vlad Constantine, as he is referred to in the film. Upon arrival, the seasonal employees first meet Dracula's assistant, Renfield, at the front desk of the inn where they will be staying. The solemn yet direct Renfield guides the new employees in their seasonal job responsibilities, all the while working to maintain his master's cover. John and Arthur soon discover that they are in the midst of sacrificial rituals, hostages, and murder.

I had a really good time viewing this Polonia Brothers project. To be clear, the Polonia brothers were a pair of twin filmmakers, named John and Mark Polonia, that hail from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. In 2008, John unexpectedly passed away, and Mark has been carrying on the legacy of their no-budget horror machine. Polonia Brothers films are quite inspiring because they use the tools and resources that are available to them and work their damndest to make a solid project. Those in the indie horror and horror comedy film worlds should use any Polonia Brothers project as a source of inspiration. Do the damn thing. Make the damn movie.


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