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by Bone Jawnson

This past weekend, I viewed the Troma classic, "Class of Nuke 'Em High." While I usually used the Tubi TV app, I went ahead and tested a free trial of the Troma NOW app. I was pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly it was. The app has the entire Troma catalog available to stream, and more. I was able to easily search for what I was looking for and stream it in no time.

Based on my research, this 1986 film was produced with a budget of $400,000. The crew seemed to really pull off a lot with a budget like that. The film, set in the fictional Tromaville, NJ, and hailed as the "toxic chemical capital of the world," was fast-paced and slashery. "Slashery," which is a word I started using recently, means "a film that has some slasher sequences but isn't all out slash and has a followable storyline." "Class of Nuke 'Em High" is a straightforward, slashery, toxic-teen exploitation film. There are drugs, sex, nudity, booze, toxic waste, monsters, and over-the-top action sequences.

Now, down to the brass tacks, "Class of Nuke 'Em High" was very Troma in fashion. There were toxic chemicals that caused mutated drugs to be bought and sold and toxic water which infiltrated the local Tromaville High School. The toxic water ends up affecting the students in the school by changing their personalities and appearance, with The Cretins gang being the primary example. The drugs also lead to mutated sex, which then leads to a mutated creature being "born" from one of the female character's mouths. The creature eventually evolves into a monster that ends up going on a rampage toward the end of the film. In between, there are some faster-paced storylines that include a main character, Warren, going on a spree that ends up really bad for The Cretins.

All in all, "Class of Nuke 'Em High" epitomizes the mid-80s, Troma-driven, high school slashery film. It definitely solidifies my support for all things indie and all things Troma. In being a tad bit late to the Uncle Lloyd party, I am completely seeing why there are a bajillion fans who preach their support. This film also spawned some sequels, which I will watch during my next TROMONTH in June of 2024. 

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